Jeanine Daniels

Unapologetically Creative

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Artist, Film, Music

on the drawing board

The list of projects being worked on and developed are as endless as Jeanine's creativity. Here are just a few percolating on the front burner:

HoodCooks - A short form cooking show starring Jeanine and her best friend, Richard Wright. They show you how to create a fulfilling meal on a budget (sometimes). 

Strings Attached - A half hour comedy (based on a true story) about a young couple who decide to take a "break" instead of breaking up in order to test how much they really want to be together. The show is a collaborative effort between Jeanine, Harold Warren (of THAT GUY), and comedian Teddy Ray.

GentriFRIED - A dramedy set inside a small, run-down diner that was once a place of fellowship and empowerment during the Civil Rights era. It focuses on the lives of the employees and how gentrification impacts everyone differently.

Origins of Setura - A sci-fi drama about a college student, Setura, and how she balances school and mending her broken heart with the discovery that she's the heir to an Ancient Egyptian alien throne.

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