Unapologetically Creative

on the drawing board

The list of projects being worked on and developed are as endless as Jeanine's creativity. Here are just a few percolating on the front burner:

HoodCooks - A short form cooking show starring Jeanine and her best friend, Richard Wright. They show you how to create a fulfilling meal on a budget (sometimes). 

Strings Attached - A half hour comedy (based on a true story) about a young couple who decide to take a "break" instead of breaking up in order to test how much they really want to be together. The show is a collaborative effort between Jeanine, Harold Warren (of THAT GUY), and comedian Teddy Ray.

GentriFRIED - A dramedy set inside a small, run-down diner that was once a place of fellowship and empowerment during the Civil Rights era. It focuses on the lives of the employees and how gentrification impacts everyone differently.

Origins of Setura - A sci-fi drama about a college student, Setura, and how she balances school and mending her broken heart with the discovery that she's the heir to an Ancient Egyptian alien throne.

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