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Jeanine Daniels Signs with ICM

PRESS 03/16/2017  

The talented content creator, writer, and producer Jeanine Daniels (That Guy Series, Becoming Nia) has officially signed with ICM!

If you are not familiar with her by name, you are certainly familiar with her work. Daniels is one of the founding members behind Black & Sexy TV, and is the creative genius behind many of their most popular web series such as That Guy Series, That Guy Movie, Becoming Nia, and The Couple.  Her work has accumulated over 1.35 million views collectively, and even with all of this success under her belt, she is just getting started. Read More...


Change Agent Jeanine Daniels

PRESS 02/2/2016  

Jeanine Daniels is an acclaimed director/producer/writer/actor based in Los Angeles. Her groundbreaking web series, "The Couple," was picked up for an HBO development deal. She is also the creator of the wildly popular series, "That Guy," which was the basis of her first feature film, released in December 2014, and its spinoff series, "Becoming Nia." Read More...


The Spotlight: Jeanine Daniels: The Mafia Boss

PRESS 11/19/2015  

For most of us there are two paths to choose from in life; the path working to make someone else’s dreams come true, or the path making your own dreams come true. The latter path is so rewarding and fulfilling but there are many sacrifices that will have to be made and several obstacles that you will encounter before you can reap the fruits of your labor. A lot of people can’t handle those obstacles and aren’t willing to make certain sacrifices to turn their dreams into a reality, so they do like most and settle for the unfulfilled 8 to 5 and glide their way through life on a conveyor belt. Jeanine Daniels, an upcoming producer, writer, and filmmaker chose to take the road less traveled and although she has run into a few road blocks on her journey, she wouldn’t trade the life of living out her dreams for a life with no purpose or passion.  Read More...


Performance: 'THAT GUY': The World's Worst TV Threesome

PRESS 05/28/2014  

Two guys. One woman. And none of them are sleeping with each other. It’s the world’s worst threesome, the perfect setup for the kind of chronically poor decision-making that makes for great comedy.

One part Malcolm and Eddie, one part Two and Half Men (with a touch of Living Single thrown in for good measure), THAT GUY is told from the vantage point of a single camcorder alternating between the burly and bearded Judah (Jeremy McBryde); his short-tempered roomie, Mike (Will Catlett); and their wayward homegirl Dionne (Jeanine Daniels), who can’t resist dropping by their place at the most inopportune times. Read More...

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