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Are We Done Now?

I sure hope people are catching up to me on Instagram, Twitter and my Tumblr page. I barely got time to blog. It’s like writing…complete sentences. Anyway I’ll have to be quick, it’s New Year’s Eve and I got a few plans. I’m supposed to officially finish the trivia contest by supplying the answers to the three questions (6) what state were two of the Ruby Tuesday fan attendees on their way to? ANSWER: Two of the people that attended the event were on their way back to New York. I believe it was Brooklyn. I think they were visiting family and found out about it.

 (8) What was different about the way Jeanine was sitting while she answered your questions? ANSWER: I was sitting on someone’s lap.  

(10) Who did Jeanine apologize to for being a jerk earlier? ANSWER:  I apologized to my dad. I was a jerk to him all day because he made us leave my family (his family) and drive to Atlanta. I wanted to stay, so I was mad all day until that evening when all these people actually showed up at Ruby Tuesdays.

So now the contest is over.

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