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Sometimes, it's the only way...

As many have correctly assumed, I will not be moving forward with the series finale of THAT GUY, nor am I continuing my partnership with Black&SexyTV. The
details of my choice to seperate are irrelevant and don't negate the fact that amazing content was made through blood sweat and many tears.

I would like to thank my fellow co-founders, Dennis Dortch, Numa Perrier, and Brian Ali-Harding for one of the greatest and most eye opening experiences of my life. I’d also like to thank my mom (aka "The Den Mother") for making sure that our "little company that could" had whatever it needed, whenever she could provide it. I thank my Dad for being one of the dopest writers I could ever have on my team (even though it was #HellaAwkward when he asked me what “an Aquafina flow” was referring to.) I have to thank my squad, who has come through for me, time and time again, during the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. And last but not least, I thank the fans who have supported me from my very first creation, The Couple, all the way up until now. I see you. I appreciate you!

Almost 4 years ago, I was laying in the bed thinking about the dudes I had let slide into my DMs (or life for that matter). And, although not disappointed about my choices, I was definitely concerned about the two types who seemed to be a constant. One was 'the sweet broke dude" who just couldn't, or wouldn't', get it together, forcing me to do it for him. And the other was "the charming asshole" who was always too close to getting me to play myself. But when I hit my girls about it, I realized, I was not alone, we all shared a commonality in dating these two very specific men. "But why? Why do we date them? What is their story? And can I tell it as a woman ?" I wondered.

After things not going as I planned on other shows, I felt like I needed to tell a story that was my voice, my vision and my journey, and viola...THAT GUY was born.

After assembling my autobots (cast & crew), I ripped pages from the Book of Jeanine, and set out to make a loosely scripted show about two homeboys just trying to figure out life.

Who knew this guerrilla style, 1st person shot narrative would eventually, after many fumbles, develop a heavy cult following and the loyalist fans I have ever seen. And when I say loyal, I mean LOYAL.

For 3 seasons (or 2.9) & a movie, my team and I produced one of the most game changing series to have ever hit the internet. The fact that some people weren't sure if it was reality tv, scripted or a vlog is proof enough that we did something special. Despite a lack of funds, miscommunications, egos, massive rewrites, and Murphy’s Law, we managed to come out on top as the crowd favorite.

I’ve been blessed to have created many shows but I truly believe THAT GUY represents my life’s work to this point. Judah, Mike & Deon are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind. But I know that what lies ahead will grant me the opportunity to create more characters, twist more storylines, and force me to add more money to my swear jar.

A former mentor of mine once told me that I was nothing short of a Mafia boss. Offended at first, I kept questioning why. I now see that the comment was about loyalty. It was about my goodfellas and me moving forward swiftly and firmly in this unforgiving business of entertainment maintaining our loyalty to one another. Mafias, ever so organized,  stick to a code of honor, and everyone has a chance to play to their strengths.

My squad has made it clear they trust me and have choosen me to lead.
I graciously accepted the role.

Dick Wolf once said, "It’s show business. No show, no business."

I promise to make sure that I’ll be in your house, on your screen, in your ears and on your mind, while representing the souls of the stories I desire to tell through my production company, nine27 Entertainment. It is a platform I will use to tell the stories of the underrepresented, millennial African-Americans, the left behind, and all those without a soapbox. I will continue to create happily and, God willing, fruitfully through music, TV, film, web series or any other platform that comes my way.

So thank you to everyone for directly or indirectly, helping lay the foundation for my next stage in my life as a creative.


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