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Hair by @makeupbymye_belle Make up by MEEEE!!!! Earrings by @damcdesigns necklace from @zoesvintique Croptop from @rainbowshops, yeh I said The Rainbow #nine27Entertainment #IamtheEarringWhisperer

Hair by @makeupbymye_belle
Make up by MEEEE!!!!
Earrings by @damcdesigns
necklace from @zoesvintique
Croptop from @rainbowshops, yeh I said The Rainbow
#nine27Entertainment #IamtheEarringWhisperer

February 25th I ventured off to Atlanta G.A.

I scraped up $100, and decided to leave my bank account overdrawn until I returned because I just couldn’t deal with it right then.

I already had too many other thoughts swirling around in my head.

The most prevalent one being…”WTF kinda poor adult decision making skills are these Jeanine, seriously.”

Once I got on the plane I really began to reevaluate what I had just done, where I was going and why.

And I really didn’t have any good answers.

I was going to ATL because I saw a $50 round trip ticket on Spirit Airlines website and I just couldn’t resist. That was it. That was all.

I sat next to a young black chick and her 2 year old. They had just won a Gerber baby contest and a huge lump sum of money and were going to collect their winnings.

Now that was a reason to be on a nonstop flight to the ATL.

My butt had no reason to be on that flight.

I had so much work to do in L.A; meetings to have and set, phone calls to make, things to edit, stuff to write, an Indiegogo campaign to pull together.

In my cramped middle seat, squished between the constantly crying beautiful baby and the ambiguously raced man who somehow found his way to slumber land. Somehow, Ibegan to feel overwhelmed & crappy, like ehhhhhhhh....Im traveling to one of my favorite places in the country with mad stuff on my to do list and  with no money, like a loser.

I was in that space for a minute.  And when I say a minute, I don’t mean like 60 seconds.  I mean like 2 days.

It wasn’t until my 2nd day in Atlanta that I began to feel better.

I had just left my second meeting with a very well known entertainment company and I was getting dropped off at home. As I walked back to the apartment where I was staying I just so happen to look at my phone; it was on my IG and there was a picture of me from the photo shoot I had done while in New York.

I had just been featured in a dope ass magazine in 2015 December. They regarded me with high esteem for all the work I’ve been involved with.

And then I thought about what had just happened to me in the past couple days.

I had meetings with TOP NOTCH executives who heard I was in town. 

And I was like.... Hell yeah!

One thing I realized as an entrepreneur and a creative, you have to remember to be proud of the moves you make. You have to remember what you're hustling for and how happy it makes you to do it... after all that's why you took the road less traveled in the first damn place.

This reminded me that its okay to take chances, feel awesome and pat yourself on the back even when your material chips are down. 

I mean, you could be at a desk celebrating 15 years of obedience with a congratulatory commemorative ergonomic keyboard for your loyalty to a company because youabandoned your dreams....

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