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Oh Yeah, That’s Right, You Did Answer Those Trivia Questions I Asked

So, I asked 10 trivia questions back in August after returning to LA from my trip to Atlanta.
I promised you a Ruby Tuesday Gift card and a free pass to That Guy Movie for answering the questions. I have to go back and read that blog post again to see what I said.
That seems so long ago; enough for me to become utterly overwhelmed with the movie.  I guess the excitement of meeting and hanging out with everyone then made me just say stuff. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  After all, I had a blast there at Ruby Tuesdays. It gave me a tremendous lift back to LA.  But once my dad and I began writing the movie script, it was all over. I started forgetting everything.  My mom already keeps a Jeanine calendar on her wall at home. I also forgot bills due, traffic court, traffic school doctors and dentist appointments, haircuts; it’s endless.
I really wish I had someone to do all the stuff for me. Since I don’t, I’ll have to at least give someone a Ruby Tuesday and a free pass To That Guy Movie. I know I said it so now I going to do it.

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