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Someone Had To Win

I’m running close to the wire with That Guy Movie and I gotta dig up $25 for the Trivia Contest winner.
But first I had to go back and see what that contest was all about. I couldn’t remember the questions or if anybody even responded. I even forgot about the special email address we created ( for folks to send their responses. I’m a mess.

But someone had to win the contest! And all of a sudden it’s more stuff to deal with as we head to Xmas day release. Arrgh! “Where are the questions and answers, I demanded, screaming at myself inside my head. I knew what I had to do. One quick call to my dad (“the cleaner”) and a few minutes later I’m actually seeing the results of my first post-event contest. Woohoo! I quickly narrowed down the participants to the best three based on responses. It all came down to Kimberly Ponder (@kapesq), Tishana Hardy (tmarie sweet/facebook) and Bridgett Burton @poeticsoul_29.

Here are the first of the questions and some responses

Q1. What question or answer do you remember being asked/answered at Ruby Tuesday’s?

Now obviously there was no right or wrong answer for this question but the answer from Kimberly Ponder revealed how in tune she was to what was being said that night.

Everyone is tall compared to me-K. Ponder

Everyone is tall compared to me-K. Ponder

 “I remember people asking about who, what, when, where, why and the how of the movie. But you couldn't give many updates because you are still early in the writing process. And you are holding up the Nia show, because they don't know if Judah is going to be with Nia or Stacy. (But you know Judah can't get back with Nia yet. You have to draw out their drama and build up more anticipation. Alternatively, you can just give us more flashbacks of when Deon had hair and they (Judah/Nia, Mike/Renee, and Deon/Jerome) were all good friends and were triple dating together.)”

In response to the same question Bridgette Burton had an equally interesting answer. It was easy for her to answer since she asked the question?
“I remember asking, what was Jeanine's end goal? Like what did she ultimately want out of life? I loved that her answer was about giving back to youth and helping them be exposed to writing and the arts. It wasn't superficial or anything. It truly let me know that she is a genuine person dedicated to what her craft can do for others.”

Tishana Hardy answer was short and with a laser-like focus, to the point.
"How to submit a script to Black & Sexy TV?"

Thus began the task of trying to figure out this contest. I'll admit it's going to take a few more days.

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